As the nonprofit sector evolves, donors are raising their expectations of the organizations they support. Funders’ increasing focus on execution and outcomes means that nonprofit organizations need to continually sharpen their business strategy and operating discipline in order to compete and grow. It’s our philosophy that a high-performing nonprofit is one that is able to:

1.  clearly define:

  • the client that they serve;
  • the specific client  problem that is being targeted; and
  • the approach that will be used to address and resolve the problem

2.  articulate:

  • the unique products and services that their organization provides;
  • how their organization collaborates or competes with other institutions that serve the same client
  • the value created - to both clients and the greater community - when these unique services are successful and when the client’s problem is resolved

3.  offer qualitative and qualitative evidence that:

  • the organization is delivering its key services at expected levels of volume and efficiency; and
  • these interventions are having the intended effect and delivering the expected value to clients and the broader community.

The Excelsior Bay Group offers a broad range of business strategy services to help our clients position themselves for long term success and growth, including:

  • strategic planning and positioning
  • competitive landscape studies
  • client definition / problem definition
  • logic model development
  • value proposition development
  • definition of key success metrics / outcome reports
  • program development and evaluation
  • operating budget analysis and improvement
  • development of earned income strategies

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